Pet Food

Our dog food is a natural, high protein product that contains no preservatives, additives and provides good value for the customer. 95% of dogs enjoying having our natural pet food every day. 


The technology is based on the wet extrusion method,
with heating by the friction force

Animal by-products not intended for human consumption (bones, blood, intestines, etc.) are crushed and then mixed with cereals. The mass obtained with a humidity of 30% is extruded (a process based on thermal and high pression processing, dehumidification, and bacteriological cleaning) and as a result, we obtain granules with high-quality natural nutrients.

Product moisture

The humidity of the product does not exceed 14%.

Protein content

The finished product contains 14 – 22% protein (depending
of the substances used and the vegetable filling).

Shelf life

Shelf life up to 30 days.

Nutritional value

The nutritional value of the product is 290 – 310 kcal per
100gr of product.

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