Feather processing technology

Our innovative production process is based on biotechnologies and physical-mechanical processing methods. It is environmentally sustainable as it only uses small quantities of electricity. The finished product is high in protein, nutritional, and has a low rate of bacterial infections. Given it’s easy to digest, the protein concentrate can be given to livestock and pets from their early stages of life for a balanced diet.


The production process is composed of several stages:

Feathers Collection Process

  • Separation of feathers from other by-products
  • Dehumidification of bird feathers

Receiving and

    • temperature 48°C
    • time 6-12 hours

Gas - dynamic machine to facilitate
the disintegration and dehumidification

  • collision and activation of molecules
  • simultaneous drying and grinding
  • average temperature level is up to 80 ° C

Calibration and packaging

    • calibration
    • quality analysis
    • packaging 
Terms of delivery:

  • Quantity of feathers, tones per day
  • The humidity level of the feathers after the collection

The price includes the engineering and installation of equipment, commissioning, and staff training.

Payment is made in stages. The last installment of the payment is made by the Customer after installation of the production line.

It is usually offered in modules or adapted to individual requests, depending on the quantity of feathers to be processed.

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