Proper nutrition is the basis of a dog’s health and performance, which is one of the main concerns for a quadruped owner. Although, the pet food has become more varied, this has not simplified the task of dog owners. Establishing a balanced diet for dogs is not so simple, because they require a diet that contains the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats.

In order to have a healthy dog and to avoid visiting the vet, the dog must be provided with a balanced diet, which will provide him with the necessary dose of energy and a high level of immunity.

Dry and wet food

Conventionally, dog food can be simply divided into two categories: dry and wet. Both of them bring its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dry food will protect the animal’s dental braces and provide hard stools. Moreover, It can also be left for hours and even days without spoiling and can be easily stored. Dry food is more balanced in nutrients than wet food and does not have a pronounced odor.

Wet food add and extra source of hydration, but it is more expensive. Unlike dry food, wet food spoils faster after it is opened. However, it is more “tasty” and can be eaten more easily by dogs with dental problems.

Protein – the basis of a dog’s diet

Dogs are omnivorous, however they have a predilection for meat and need a lot of protein. Therefore, it is important to give your dog the protein dose necessary for the animal to be full of energy, to have developed muscles and a shiny healthy coat. The protein “portion” is crucial for law enforcement dogs, but also for quadrupeds who are trained to perform special missions.

                        Wet and dry dog food is the path to the best canine performance

“From personal experience, I can say that the correct and balanced diet of the dog is the basis of his success. The daily contact with the canine quadrupeds, over the years, creates the ability to determine the needs of each dog and this will result in the food for which I will choose to feed the dog “, said the interim-head of the Cynological Directorate of IGP of the Ministry of Interior and the expert from the Union of Cynologists of the Republic of Moldova , Leonid Belîi.

The expert told us that dry food can be used as a staple food, but once a week you can also opt for wet food.

“This will control the condition of the dog’s digestive tract. Periodically, it is recommended to change the diet, in order to diversify and balance the dog’s diet. But, of course, every dog needs to be approached personally. There are no fixed and valid rules for all dogs”, the expert told us.

                        Wet and dry dog food is the path to the best canine performance

Terafix extruded food – an excellent alternative for your dog

One type of dry dog food in the Republic of Moldova is the extruded food produced by Terafix, with a large amount of animal by-products and a high energy value.

This extruded product is the result of the work of two brothers – Denis and Vladimir Anton – who use an innovative process by which cereals are crushed and mixed with animal by-products in the form of paste. This, in turn, reaching the extruder, is intensely processed. In the extrusion process, the temperature rises above 120 degrees Celsius and, with a pressure of 40 bar, makes the level of bacteriological infection well below the allowed level.

Because it is natural and without preservatives, Terafix canin food has a shelf life of up to 30 days, and must be protected from moisture and sunlight.

Thanks to the innovative technology, brothers Denis and Vladimir Anton can produce the cheapest dry dog food in the Republic of Moldova, while strictly respecting quality standards.

                        Wet and dry dog food is the path to the best canine performance

“The National Agency for Food Safety takes samples, after which the sanitary-veterinary certificates are issued upon request. During the eight years since we produce on the local market, we have not had any case of exceeding the admissible norms of bacteriological infection “, says Denis Anton.

“Based on the raw material used in the production process, we can say that this product is a natural one and can be used with confidence in a dog’s diet,” says the canine specialist, Leonid Belii, who feeds his dogs with Terafix dry food

Higher performance trained dogs

The international expert, who also has a non-profit dog breeding kennels , uses Terafix dry food for the quadrupeds he cares for and trains.

                        Wet and dry dog food is the path to the best canine performance

“I noticed that our dogs are more full and thus reduce the daily volume intake of food. The carbohydrates in the food give them a good dose of energy, which is very important during active periods of training and dressage. Overall, there is an improvement in the physical condition of the dogs.

The process of training professional dogs is a long one and requires a lot of patience. For these processes to go fluently, it is necessary for the dogs to have excellent physical condition and energy to cope with all subsequent requirements during trainning. A large part of the dogs raised and cared for at the “Vidjai BEL” farm were donated to the Border Police, the Customs Service, the Penitentiary system and other structures “, says the expert from the Union of Cynologists of the Republic of Moldova.

Why does this type of food increase the performance of dogs? The answer comes from the Anton brothers.

“Extruded food already provides a high level of assimilation, and the raw material of animal origin, rich in protein, only increases the advantage of the final product. This product is not a food supplement, rather a staple food that can be balanced with some food supplements, depending on particular cases “, they told us.

                        Wet and dry dog food is the path to the best canine performance

About Terafix

Having the production plant in Straseni, Terafix company uses and processes 3rd category animal by-products on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, since 2012. From 2017, Terafix owns and produces exclusively equipment for processing bird feathers through a unique and innovative process. Currently, the company is oriented towards the installation and use of such technology lines in the EU-Romania, where it intends to increase its processing capacity, based on the larger amount of raw material.